Born in Lewiston, Maine, Denis Leblanc became interested in art at the age of nine. Oils were used in the early years, until the age of twenty, when he stopped painting altogether.

Denis took up painting again in 1994, after encouragement from many who had seen his work. This time, however, he tried his hand at watercolor. In watercolor, Denis was able to achieve the look he desired, and has painted professionally since.

Denis photographs places of interest and brings the photos to his studio in Auburn, Maine, where he visualizes his painting from the photo. He begins his work by sketching, in detail with pencil. Denis, then paints in watercolor, with a combination of techniques to achieve a strong image. He uses transparent and opaque paint to maintain a unique look.

Although inspired by Andrew Wyeth, Denis is self taught which has enabled him to remain true to his own style without influence from other artists.

Since 1995, when Denis began entering art shows, he has won numerous awards. Most of the art shows he attends are in the New England area, but he also attends shows in other parts of the country, as far away as Florida. When not on the road attending shows, (the winter months) Denis spends his time on commission work, for clients, which have arranged for a specific painting of their choice. Usually, a photograph of their home, or place of interest to them.

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